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Talking About Car Cover

Posted on 17 Oct 2008

Car cover is compulsory, meaning that it's an offense to drive a motor vehicle on UK roads without having an insured vehicle. Saying that, there are a number of options available as to what insurance you actually buy. The following should give you an idea as to what to do. Bear in mind also, that...

Top Tips When Looking For Static Caravan Holiday Home Insurance Part 2

Posted on 17 Oct 2008

Some insurance companies will ask if your holiday home is anchored down. This can minimise storm damage, particularly if your static is sited on an exposed park, open to the elements. This could be an needed requirement on your policy so speak to your park owner or manager, as failure to anchor y...

Should You Acquire BASIC Skills in Your Online Business?

Posted on 17 Oct 2008

Most likely other online marketing mentors will not teach you this in their courses, but i'm willing to do this for you because I believe you really must comprehend this.

The fact is: You just have to master these "tools of business". You must acquire these BASIC skills that are needed in y...

Have You Ever Got Scammed by Internet Marketing Gurus?

Posted on 17 Oct 2008

The other day, I met a guy shouting loudly "it's all scams" on a message board: "I got scammed by Internet gurus! they all cheaters! these dudes ed me wrong, sold me products I never need and flooded my inboxes with too many offers!"

Sound familiar?

Listen, i'm not kidding around.


Group Insurance Canada Three Key Options For Canadian Businesses!

Posted on 17 Oct 2008

You may have heard that the number of insurers in the Canadian marketplace has declined over the years. This is true ... sort of. The traditional life insurance companies have consolidated their group operations into just a few key players. But there are some innovative Group Health Insurance so...

The Economic Crisis Isnt Just Local

Posted on 17 Oct 2008

On my recent trip to Canada I came across a newspaper article that I thought was very significant. In brief, the article stated that "more than half of workers -- fifty-five percent -- say they always or usually live paycheck to paycheck just to make ends meet."

Now, if the numbers are that...

IVA Information and Solution

Posted on 17 Oct 2008

Have you been contemplating filing for bankruptcy? Before going ahead, considering alternatives to bankruptcy can help you a great deal. One such alternative is an IVA. Before opting for an IVA, you should comprehend what an IVA actually is. An IVA is nothing but an agreement worked out between y...

Professionals Within the Real Estate Industry Know How to Bounce Back During the Economic Downturn!

Posted on 17 Oct 2008

With the housing slowdown, many types of professionals in the real estate industry have been hard hit. homes are sitting on the market for extended periods of time. Sellers are frustrated because they're not even getting any showings, much less offers. Values are tumbling while the cost of living...

Holiday Office Party Invitations and Planning

Posted on 17 Oct 2008

Gather the party planning committee and break out the eggnog -- as the corporate holiday party invitations roll out, the pressure mounts for you to throw the best office party yet. In case you and your party planning elves need a little inspiration, read on for some creative ideas for business Ch...

Project Management Concepts and Insurance Companies

Posted on 17 Oct 2008

Many elements of project management (see Project Management Institute's site for more information) could be applied to help insurance companies manage their operations and projects better. One method in particular should be an area of interest for insurance company actuaries - the CONTROL area.